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Having worked on over 30 games titles for most of the major developers, we have the experience to supply audio that will enhance any game and should work well for your project. Here is an overview of games that we have contributed to and also example of music, sound design and FMV (movies) from the game - where applicable.
Codemasters - Music
Eutechnyx - Sound Design
Eutechnyx - Movie+Sound FX

Eutechnyx - Music+SFX
Codemasters - Music
Codemasters - Music

Codemasters - Music
Eutechnyx - SFX and Music
SEGA - Sound Design

Eidos - Sydney 2000
Videosystem - SFX+Music
Eutechnyx - Music+SFX

Other games include:

  • BIg Mutha Truckers 2
  • Colin McRae Rally 1
  • The Last Ninja
  • LMA 2006
  • Prince Nazeem Boxing
  • UEFA Striker
  • Gekido - Infogrames
  • Ford Mustang Racing
  • Fast and Furious 3
  • Real World Golf2
  • SRS
  • Ford V's Chevy
  • WWII Front line Command
  • Toca Touring Cars
  • Toca Touring Cars 2
  • England International Football
  • Lander
  • Club Football 2005

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