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Brief History:

It all started in 1993 when Jonathan Colling signed a deal with Jelly Street Records. Jonathan was teamed up with excellent vocalist Emma James and the result was"Rhythm Nation" by Bassrate. It was a minor hit despite being very well received by DJ's...... This was the first step into a career of commercial music production and also the first taste of how sharky the music biz was !

After a couple more releases it was realised that the situation was "not as expected" and on leaving the label, other ideas of how to earn money from music began to form due to the experiences with the Records label. During down time, Jonathan practiced different styles of music to create a showreel for TV work and jingles. It was at this time also that Octagon Music Productions was formed.

As a result of the demo tape being posted out to many companies, Alan Fawkes called from Alfasound. A meeting was arranged to discuss possible work, Jonathan started to work freelance at Alfa. It was interesting to learn the do's and don'ts from a master tunesmith such as Alan F.

Also in 1994 Jonathan and Mark Hewitt then struck a deal with Rumour Records for Euro house releases and another with X-Clusive Records where he started to remix Northern Soul classics in a Piano House style under the remix name Proof (see Records and Remixes ).

By 1997 Jonathan had put his stamp on / co /written 18 Alfasound jingle packages including Talk Radio, Key 103, Metro FM, Northsound 1, Kiss 102/105, Followed by Galaxy and BBC Radio Cymru, to name but a few. The sound of Alfa was very different during this period and it was such a shame that the company was closed in Jan 1998 just after completing the Minster Fm package programmed by Jonathan.

It was around this time (1998) that Codemasters approached Jonathan to create music for their latest games title Colin McRae Rally. Inhouse musicians and programmers had always used tracker apps which sequenced chip sounds to produce the music in games until this point, so they needed someone who could create a wealth of musical styles and someone with all the kit. The first games were created for PS1 and Dreamcast..... This was the start of a long period of creativity working on 31 + games for many companies including Psysgnosis, Sony, Eidos, Infogrames, Sega, Nintendo, System3, Eutechnyx.

When Jonathan wasn't working on games or Jingles he worked alongside DJ's creating


original tracks and remixes for many record labels. Jonathan teamed up with Mark Hewitt and together they produced dance music for Rumour Records who had had the Hit with I Wanna Give You Devotion some Years earlier.. Titles included "Prohibition Groove" and "You know I Want You" by Global Cut plus a few remixes. Later Jonathan worked with Shaun Banger Scott, Tony Walker, Danny Oakes and Jamie Duggan. Together such Tracks as "Gordons Groove" were created using the DJ knowledge of what worked and what didnt coupled with programming expertise. Gordons Groove was a major club hit and was played out all over Europe. It missed the top 40 after a Records company error when it was dropped from 21 to 51 due to too many mixes on the CD in 2000.... A Sad end to a tune that had a life of its own. Even a TOTP's slot had been booked ! Jonathan has now produced and programmed many records and remixes for labels such as Ministry of Sound, MCA, Sony S2 to name but a few. The full list can be found in the Records and Remixes section of this site


Its better to hear Music than read about it !.... So get on over to the various pages with titles that interest you and have a listen to all the Records, Jingles, Beds and Game music we have created. If you would like music creating then contact us :) Thanks for dropping by.

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