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Radio ID's / Jingles Radio Ads and Corporate Music Records and Remixes Video Game music

What We Do....

Its simple !.... We make Audio for anything. To make things less wordy, see the bullet
points below and some of our clients logo's on the left.

  • Bespoke music for any brief in any style
  • Jingles for Radio (with or without singing)
  • Talk Over beds for Radio or TV
  • Music Beds for Video production
  • Sound effects / Sound design
  • Speech processing and voice over recording
  • Syncronising sound to video (sound effects and music)
  • We can arrange vocal (singing) recording sessions
  • Artist development and guidance
  • Work along side DJs producing and engineering remix projects
  • Compile, edit and post produce albums and compilations

What We Don't Do

We don't take on any job that we do not have the resource or contacts for and...

  • We don't do backing tracks for Karaoke
  • We don't record live bands at venues (we do record live instruments)
  • We don't do soundalikes but will produce tracks "inspired by" a style
  • We will not accept payment in terms of royalities only



Bespoke music created for all clients, Jingles, Radio Idents (ID's), computer game music composition, voice-over recording, royalty free music, remixes dance music production, music programming, Sweepers, commercial production, talk-over beds.

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