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Jingles and Radio Station ID's

whether you need sweepers, talk-over beds, solo-sing jingles or multipart harmony, Octagon music can provide exactly what you require at a reasonable cost. In the 90's the sung jingle was king, then stations opted for the "more cool" sweepers and mashed up graffiti sounds coupled with the station voice. This trend continued until just after the year 2000. More recently, Sung jingles have grown in popularity and larger stations such as Radio 2 tends to use the sung jingle as opposed to the sweepers and this has set them apart as being a quality brand over and above cheaper sounding local or digital radio stations. Sung Radio ID's really do give a quality edge to the station and will continue to do so for many years to come. If produced correctly, jingles can provide a warm welcome break between programming and can divide sections of the program with a finesse and stability that cheaper sweepers do not achieve. We can offer:

  • Bespoke RadioJingles in any style
  • Sung melody with single part singing or multipart
  • Talk over beds for travel, weather and News
  • Short transitions and longer versions with or without vocals
  • Sweepers and sound design
  • Voice over recording
  • Demos of Voice over artists
  • We can arrange recording sessions to re-sing current jingle beds

BLAST FROM THE PAST !....Have a listen to the showreels from some jingle packages programmed by Jonathan for Alfasound back in the late 90's.

The 2BR jingles are original, not in use and are available to buy / Licence !
NOTE: For more info then just Contact Us and we will do our best to help.


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