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We Did the music for the awards ceremony
Music for Man Utd Hospitality


We have created loadsof music for all sorts of projects over the years. Its very likely that you will have heard what we do in the form of Jingles on the radio, music on TV, at a nightclub, or at the cinema. With audio on over 31 computer games, its also very likely that you have heard our sound design or music in games played on consoles such as Xbox / 360 , Playstation 1 2 &3 or on PC format. Games such as Colin McRae Rally, Ferrari Challenge, LMA Manager, Sydney 2000. to name but a few

Q: What can we do for you ?
A: We can provide you with quality audio for your project to your exact specification at reasonable cost, with terms that are always fair and negotiable. MCPS Music often has an escalating cost depending on how its used and some known artists may charge a huge amount for what is in effect a popular set of chords in a contemporary style that has been heard countless times before.

Q: How do I request some music in a particular style ?
A: Just email us with an overview of the project and we will let you know an idea of timescale and cost. Its that simple. Most styles of music are covered & as you will hear from the demo's page, the quality of our jingles and beds is always high.

Contact us if you would like a quotation

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